New Eyes

Recently I came across my high school graduation album I made back in 1996…yes, it has been THAT long. While reading my teenage heartfelt reflections and desires for my life, I realized that so many of the dreams I held for myself as a young woman have been fully realized…that I AM LIVING MY DREAMS right here RIGHT NOW!

What a delightful surprise to become aware that everything is perfect just as it is.

And, to learn that everything I dream, I can manifest.

What we desire can become our reality.

Our universe is abundant with possibility.

And when we tune in, when we open our hearts, when we relax our minds, when we are in the flow,



So, on this day after Thanksgiving, I remind myself, and I remind you, my beloved readers,


We are in the perfect place in our journeys…and wherever we dream of being is only steps away.

Let us begin, then, to start anew, to take the first step, to give thanks yet again, and to re-vision what is possible for our lives.

Let us make gratitude a habit.

Let us make loving kindness our new normal.

Let us live abundantly with hearts overflowing in the truth that WE ARE ALIVE.

When I turned to the final pages of my graduation album, I made another discovery: a sacred quote that I’d recently photographed at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles one day as I was cruising through the dinosaur exhibit with my two delightful daughters and my sweet mama.

I wanted to hold on to these words as a means of reminding myself to bloom where I’m planted, to be grateful for all that is…


Somehow my 17 year old Self already knew what matters most. Wisdom is not always a by-product of age and experience, sometimes it is simply an unveiling of distractions to recognize the truth:




I give thanks.


About Denise Dare

Women's empowerment leader. Teaching the art of self love, the power of sisterhood, and the magic of living from the heart. ❤️
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3 Responses to New Eyes

  1. Christian says:

    A lovely blog indeed. I will miss your kind spirit in yoga, but I’m glad I can learn from you here on your blog.

    • Hi Christian,

      I will miss yogain’ with you, too! So grateful we can stay connected here…thank you for your gracious support! Lookin’ forward to what the future holds 🙂

      Peace & love,

      Denise 🙂

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